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CS GO Free Skins! Share, earn and  win!

CS GO Free Skins! Share, earn and win! it is cool


I think a lot us introverts forget to realize, that extroverts are the minority. We aren't alone in our anti-social bubbles, extroverts are alone outside them. Hug an extrovert today.


touch the butt.OMG I swear my husband made this presentation! If my husband/friend/partner/anybody I slightly know and isn't a creeper I would totally let them touch my butt!

Excuse me?

When a white van pulls up near you.Are you trying to rape me sir?

Willy Wonka has been taken to a whole new level. I should probably stop laughing now.

Hahaha I love Sheldon ;P

From The Pants Alternative, season episode 18

This is me... Road rage problems

Girl truths: Things I say while I am driving. ~~ Shit, was that a cop? THAT was a cop! ~~ (These are killing me. I use everyone of them practically daily.