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Julia Stramandinoli
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VSCO Cam Filter Settings for Instagram Photos | Filter SE3

💖 So this is a filter good for having a “basic feed.” How to achieve this? You must take photos that has black and white objects/background and have a good lighting ☺️ // QOTD: What are your plans this summer?

Comece o desenho pelo rabinho: | 10 imagens que vão te ajudar a virar expert em delineador

Makeup Ideas & Inspiration Winged eyeliner is a whole lot easier with this trick. To get the perfect flick in Step hold your eyeliner diagonally on your

ronfollowsthespiders:      tehwhovianhufflepuff:                    The original source is Deviantart.  So it’s not ‘canon’, but it’s gorgeous, the design is brilliant.  And as 50 gazillion people already said, they would be kick ass tattoos.      Despair…   (via ronfollowsthespiders-blog)

Finally Part 4 of Circular Gallifreyan. For those who don't know, this is one of the written language in the Doctor Who universe. Circular Gallifreyan Part 4

THIS WOULD BE PERFECT FOR A TATTOO!!!! You take it like its a book partially open and you put the world it holds within between that open space

Like this but like a book opening up~ with moon phases instead of planets. snow flake at the bottom and three peaks for sunpeaks.