Untitled by American artist printmaker Byron McClintock Color lithograph, x in. via Annex Galleries

Louis” by Ellsworth Kelly. The artist collects drawings by greats such as Matisse and Picasso. (via Ellsworth Kelly Casts His Cold Eye on Art Market, Peers - Bloomberg)

Hubert Kiecol

hubert kiecol JG: Where did I store my images of house art (mobiles and for surfaces, as on mantel)? This would be fun to have in proximity!

Melanie FERGUSON Portfolios

Sculptural ceramics, hand built organically-themed works that engage a sense of rhythm, flow, grace and balance – oceans in clay.

Aandersson Design Shapes 4 Mug

Aah next time my cup's handle breaks m making one like this! :D Aandersson Design Shapes 4 Mug