Joseph Tychonievich
Joseph Tychonievich
Joseph Tychonievich

Joseph Tychonievich

Polystichum setiferum 'Plumosomultilobum' one of the most unique looking, and my very favorite, ferns.

Clematis addisonii -- a stunning and rare native vine.

Delosperma sphalmanthoides -- got to be the prettiest delo I've ever seen. Wish it was a BIT hardier.

Dudleya cymosa -- ALMOST hardy for me. Wish it was... Love those flowers and foliage.

Cyclamen hederifolium Silver Leaf. Forget hostas... this foliage is the best.

The great double blood root. Everyone needs one.

Symphandra zanzegur Pure delicate beauty all summer long. What more could you want?

Stachys lavendulifolia. Now THAT is a lamb's ears worth growing.

Scutellaria biacalensis. One of the best.

Love these old-fashioned primroses. Just as easy as the garish ones from the grocery store, but ever so much more sophisticated.

Primula auricula 'Brownie' I LOVE auriculas. Gorgeous, and far easier than you might think.

Primula allionii 'Airwave' Simple. Classy. Elegant.

Polygonatum virginianum 'Painter's Pallete' Can be a weed, but what a lovely one.

Platycodon ' Fairy Snow' I love all balloon flowers, but this one may be my favorite.

Plantago 'Morocco' -- a relative of that weed in your lawn, but with such great foliage.

Phyteuma scheuchzeri -- love those spiky crazy flowers.