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Image Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis canadensis) rams fighting--head butting during fall rut.

Bighorn sheep. I would love to see a fight between 2 in my life time! Bucket list must!

Bighorns battling to determine who is the toughest


Purebred Black Clydesdale I have FOREVER wanted one of these! Most beautiful animal in the world in my opinion, and I rarely even like animals!

Clydesdale Draft Horses in the Barn Mousepads from

Held during the four days of the Draft Horse Classic, this world-class equine and western art show features more than 100 works by painters, sculptors, photographers and other fine artists.

Photos: Clydesdales at Cards' Home Opener....feeling good in this spring weather!

Photos: Clydesdales at Cards’ Home Opener….feeling good in this spring weather!

Clydesdale draft horses pulling a sleigh in the snow

Breaking mare Sarah (left hand horse) taking Prince out for a spin, or is it the other way around?

Clydesdale horses under harness.

Clydesdale horses under harness. ( original post said Shire however they are in scottish harness )