I was skeptical, but this homemade tub cleaner works REALLY WELL! The soap scum is history, it was no-scrub and my tub is SO clean! The best cleaning hack on Pinterest!

No Scrub Miracle Tub Cleaner

Wrapped in Rust

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Deep Cleaning Hacks = pure genius

Kids Activities Blog

Deep Cleaning Hacks - Kids Activities Blog


Life-Changing Cleaning Tips and Tricks

My List of Lists

Life Changing Cleaning Tips & Tricks - My List of Lists


Air Freshening Tabs - Make these tablets with only three ingredients and then place anywhere that needs some freshness like the bottom of garbage pails or in closets. After about a month, crumble them into your laundry for another boost of scent!

Bitz & Giggles

Air Freshening Tabs


Cleaning Hacks that will forever change you. #cleaning #home #cleaningtips


17 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks That Will Forever Change You


Microwave Cleaner: 1 cup water + 1 cup vinegar in microwave safe dish, Microwave for 10 minutes to steam clean the gunk wipe out.

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Keep one in the shower filled with a mixture of half vinegar, half Dawn dish soap. Use it to wipe down the shower while you are in there and your shower will always be clean.

10 How to Tips to make Cleaning Easier


Shower Cleaner - I had previously pinned this, but now that I have tried it I am pinning it again. Seriously the easiest and best shower cleaner I have ever tried. Everything came off with no scrubbing. 1 cup vinegar (heated) mixed with 1 cup original blue Dawn. Spray on shower and let sit for 2 hours. Wipe off with a wet sponge.

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17 professional cleaning secrets that will make your house sparkle

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AMAZING DIY Shower Cleaner: I can't believe it. I finally found something to clean the nasty scale off my shower! Y'all. I've tried everything. All those nasty, stinky cleaners? Nothing worked. Leave it to the good, family friendly stuff to do the trick.

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DIY Shower Cleaner - Family Friendly!


How to Clean Headstones - Happy Memorial Day!

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how to clean a granite headstone.

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5 Natural & Frugal Ways to Make Your Home Smell Heavenly - Mindfully Frugal Mom

Mindfully Frugal Mom

5 Natural & Frugal Ways to Make Your Home Smell Heavenly - Mindfully Frugal Mom


20 Awesome Uses for Magic Erasers

20 Awesome Uses for Magic Eraser


10 Clever Uses For Magic Erasers - Raining Hot Coupons


10 Clever Uses For Magic Erasers - Raining Hot Coupons


Stop spending so much time in the bathroom. Save time with these easy bathroom hacks! 7 Brilliant Bathroom Cleaning Hacks!

A Worthey Read!

7 Brillant Bathroom Cleaning Hacks - A Mitten Full of Savings


1. Use in your bathroom. Cut your cleaning time in half. Makes bathroom mirrors and fixtures sparkle. Cuts right through bathtub scum. 2. Use to get sticky dust right off furniture, blinds and baseboards.3. Cleans up stove tops and greasy cabinets quickly. 4. Soak paint brushes with warm water and a dryer sheet. Watch the paint come right off.5. Clean dead bugs off your car. 6. Wipes pet hair off furniture and clothing. 7. Run a dryer sheet over thread before sewing to keep tangles away

Great Uses for Dryer Sheets - My Honeys Place


Get our easiest and surprising tips from the pros here: http://www.bhg.com/homekeeping/house-cleaning/tips/cleaning-secrets/?socsrc=bhgpin092314cleaningsecrets

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How to Remove Soap Scum and Hard Water Stains from Shower Glass - this is an excellent post that clearly explains different water stains and how to remove them - Snap Crackle Sold

How to Remove Stubborn Soap Scum from Glass Shower Doors


This is a really great list to follow- and most people ignore #2 but it can make organizing so much easier!

Sarah Titus

Frugal Friday Link Up Party {Week 48} - Sarah Titus


Homemade cleaning wipes for bathroom surfaces

Homemade cleaning wipes for bathroom surfaces


Marie Kondo, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" - YouTube

Marie Kondo, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up"


9 homemade glass cleaner recipes using a variety of ingredients {on Stain Removal 101}


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