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Inhale That Good Shit . :3

Inhale That Good Shit .

Shaggy was a weed-smoking hippie... I never put that together until right now. lol

Growing up is realizing funny quotes quote lol funny quote funny quotes humor scooby doo shaggy love scooby do!

There's just something about snoking naked.. ;)

There's just something about smoking naked! Something I've yet to try since I always smoke outside. Maybe I can smoke naked outside late one night.

We don't forget our measurements because that's our job. But the next time you forget - Here Ya Go Friend!

Kush weed pot maryjane marijuana funny humor units of weight. I know how to weigh it out.

It's fine if you don't smoke weed Just don't kill my high cuz ill have to kill you!

marijuana It& fine if you don& smoke weed Just don& kill my high cuz ill ha.


Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera creates remarkably lifelike paper bird sculptures that are painstakingly detailed down to their textured feathers. We previously posted about her paper bird a…