Essential Knots, Knot Tying, Knots of the outdoors

Essential Knots, Knot Tying, Knots of the outdoors-SR survival skills paracord

Animated Knots by Grog:  photo diagrams of essential Scouting Knots.  try their mobile app too!

These animated clips to teach you how to tie several different kinds of knots. As survival skills go, this one is solid gold.any good outdoor person should know at least three knots

Knots - Tutorial

textile + trim inspiration — The Art of Knotting and Splicing by Cyrus…

trucker's hitch

25 DIY Fundamentals

The correct way to tie wood onto the roof of your car -- 25 DIY Fundamentals : This Old House

Tutorial teaching how to make macrame bands in different styles.

diy braclet- add larger bead in middle and three smaller beads on each side string. Three knots and then repeat beading steps. Cool but not as cool as my paracord bracelets.

Essential Survival Skills and Tools

Knots you should know, Essential Survival Skills and Tools - tomorrows adventures

Macrame - tutorial

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Trucker's Hitch | #preparedness #skills #knots

The trucker’s hitch is a compound knot that functions as a kind of pulley affording a mechanical advantage effectively tripling the amount of pull on the working end. I use the trucker’s hitch when tightening up tarp lines, securing loads or making bun

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