Julien Ribou
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My absolute favorite tattoo artist Portland, Oregon - Pony Reinhardt of Tenderfoot Studio is truly unparalleled.

The Big Reveal — Malika Favre

The Big Reveal — Malika Favre - an accurate depiction of my mood/activity between the hours of 1 and 4 a.

Cactos @luuh

Potted Cactus Temporary Tattoos, Succulent House Plants, Black Line Drawing, Nature Tattoo

Kamil Czapiga

Have bugs crawling/evolution stage of them turning into a weird human faced creature

tatouage graphique: Matyas Halasz

30 Amazing Black Cat Tattoos in Different Styles - Bet that the first thing that comes to mind when you look at a black cat is a witch or something close in the meaning to a witch. Black cats have become an epitome of …

tatouage couple pour l`avant-bras avec molécules

molecule tattoos, serotonin and dopamine. both are molecules in your body that contribute to your happiness, mood, etc. In the case of Depression, you have low levels of serotonin.