Illuminating Jewish Traditions

Artwork and ideas that add meaning to the Jewish Lifecycle.
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Papercut with gouache snd 23k Gold Leaf on Twinrocker paper mounted on Handpainted paper. Wall, Markers
Eastern Wall Marker - Mizrach
an old book with writing on it
Pratto Haggadah, fol. 9v
an abstract painting with blue and yellow colors on the bottom, white border around it
Whoever Saves a Life… Judaic Art Studio
a person is using a pen to draw gold designs on a piece of metal foil
Art & Illumination
What Is Illumination
a piece of art that has been made with gold leaf and vines on it,
Art & Illumination
Barbara Wolff | Art & Illumination : Psalm 104
an art work with leaves and words written in cursive writing, framed in gold
Shalom Rav
Shalom Rav | Judaic Art Studio
an art piece with writing on it in white and blue colors, against a light blue background
Megillat Esther DL
Megillat Esther DL | Judaic Art Studio
a wooden plate with an image of people and symbols in the shape of a star
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Hinei Ma Tov - Behold How Good | Judaic Art Studio
an art piece with hebrew writing on it in a white frame hanging on a wall
Beautiful Heritage
Beautiful Heritage | Judaic Art Studio
a blue and white plate sitting on top of a table next to a vase filled with flowers
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A Still Small Voice is Heard | Judaic Art Studio