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An old licence plate, a metal pie plate and a few extra's and you have a really cool bird feeder.......D.


Crochet Fish Scrubbie Washcloths

Fish Scrubbies Free Crochet Pattern This site has sooo many awesome free patterns to choose from... Swiffer Duster, Swiffer Sweeper, scrubbies, dish cloths, dish towels, rugs, and many more great patterns for household items and gift ideas.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt - With all the health benefits of this sea salt, we need to continue to educate consumers about the importance of unrefined, pure and natural sea salt vs. table salt laden with chemicals and non-caking agents. So important!

Photo (A well traveled woman)

I can't just let stuff go. It takes me a while to build up the courage to say goodbye. I don't think people realize how hard is to physically leave a situation whether it be good or bad. But once you're brave enough to do it, it happens so smoothly. - Kourtney.

The Best and Easiest Homemade Salted Caramel Sauce

The Best & Easiest Homemade Salted Caramel Sauce - Ready in 15 minutes & tastes 1000x better than any storebought sauce ever could!

Details about Funny Grumpy Cat Octopus Slapping Refrigerator / Locker Magnet


77 Coconut Oil Uses and Cures -

Coconut Remedies Infographic Dr. Axe shares some great uses for coconut oil. It's such a versatile and helpful product - yet either not talked about enough or only talked about in negative ways. I use coconut oil daily to replace dairy and love it! You can get both regular coconut oil and flavour removed.