Usually I make this pattern by stamping it with a flathead screwdriver. On a set of vases for the Beverly Laurel Hotel in Los Angeles, I’m carving it instead of stamping it. The carved texture is more.

Ceramic Art by Linda Nowell

This would also be nice if you put a candle inside. wonder what the shadows look like :) silver kiln pottery; stunning pottery perfect for my arts and crafts bungalow.

Dark Lavender Coffee mug Pottery Round belly coffee cup by Marietta Theodorou-LeMieux | BlueRoomPottery... plus (+)

Eggplant Purple Coffee mug with beautiful drips

Coffee mug, Pottery Round belly coffee cup, Aubergine Purple, Kitchen, tea cup handmade Ceramic. originals 8d 7b 2f 8d7b2f6f64b3e9b3e4157735b893d279.jpg

wall pockets ~ you can attach colorful coffee mugs or bowls to a wooden fence ~ gotta try!

Anne-Sophie Gilleon

de anne-sophie gilloen - what a sweet little piece of art with a baby badger under her arm!

Chris Gryder, piastrelle di argilla polimerica  Chris Gryder, polymeric clay tiles

Artist: Chris Gryder: Ceramic Tiles > Soft and True Autumn. Knowing our Season on the inside and expressing it beyond our own borders on the outside. This would be so lovely in any room, like a quilt made of sand and stone.

I know that I've posted a video of this texturing before but this time the consistency of the clay is just right and it's not a snippet. Left the "plug" at the end.going to bed.