Nude and sparkly eye shadow. One of these days I will use the sparkly eye shadow.

purple eye liner with peachy pink and gold eyeshadow.

Purple eye liner with peachy pink and gold eyeshadow. Look what it does to green eyes! I got this new gold eyeshadow and I'm looking for cool stuff to do with it, I gotta try something like this!


Peacock make-up for brown eyes; I don't have brown eyes, but these colors are amazing! I am sure they'll look just as good with Hazel/Green Eyes.

Contouring and Highlighting -     Concealer or liquid highlighter (2 – 3 shades lighter than skin tone)  A Synthetic foundation brush  A smaller synthetic concealer brush   A loose powder brush (to set foundation)

How to contour and highlight. I hate when people connect the nose contour all the way up to the brow when they have close set eyes. It makes their eyes look even closer. Adjust to your clients face people! Just my opinion.

naked lips

Drugstore Finds: Maybelline - Beige Bombshell (top) and Revlon - Blush (bottom) love the bottom color!

Summer Makeup

Peachy gold shadow, teal shadow under the eye. Love the pop of teal with the gold!

Rose gold eyes.

Pink Sapphire Eyeshadow I loooooooooooooooooooove this mmm that'd be pretty with my green eyes