Tips for taking newborn pics at the hospital. Saving this for the future

{Love this in-hospital picture} Katie Evans Photography: 5 Tips to take beautiful newborn pictures in the hospital

List of snacks for every letter of the alphabet - great way to reinforce letter concepts in a fun way!

Preschool Snacks for Every Letter of the Alphabet

Preschool snacks for every letter of the alphabet. I this idea may change up a few things since I limit kids to snacks but supper cute. And yeah I might look into this for myself and not kids haha

Best pic ever

In the picture shown this daddy is seeing his daughter for the first time. God bless all of those serving in the military.seriously tear so precious!

Viking hat!

You will get 1 Beanie and 1 Self adhesive magnetic patch. New Baby Boys Girls Crochet Animal Beanie Costume Hat With Free Gift. These New Cute Baby Boy Girls Crochet Animal Beanie Is Knitted by Love For Kids.

Baby Hand and Footprint Football Plaque and Mold

Baby Hand and Footprint Football Plaque and Mold. Oh my goodness this is the cutest thing I've ever seen. But with a Baseball!

Studio portrait

::::::: Vintage Photograph ::::::::: Children with their toys. Brother,with his pail and sister with her doll.


Portrait of a little girl. Omg, this child is so beautiful. I imagine that if I ever had a little girl, she may just look like this. Especially the hair and eyes.

Ginger Baby! @Mary Kelly

~ baby ginger ~ this is the cutest child ever! My mama, aunt, and brother are all redheads. Maybe I can have a ginger baby

I almost pinned this to funny because it makes me laugh out loud!!!!!!

Get a Dock Taped Kid funny picture from Kids. You can get dozens of other funny pictures from Kids. Here are some samples of funny words: dock, taped, kid

Love this!!

The hat is cute but I just love her idea with the baby in the Tonka truck. From My Baby Booties -Knit Baby Boy Crochet Elf Hat photography