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Can you imagine the story this, and what would you tell people if that were your sister that looks like she was drugged and or killed by a Easter Rabbit!

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Thomas & Eileen Lonergan were stranded in the Coral Sea in 1998 while scuba diving. None of the crew or passengers noticed that the 2 had not come back. They were never found and they are presumed to have died at sea. Some of their gear was found on a beach including a diver's slate that read: "[Mo]nday Jan 26; 1998 08am. To anyone [who] can help us: We have been abandoned on A[gin]court Reef by MV Outer Edge 25 Jan 98 3pm. Please help us [come] to rescue us before we die. Help!!!"

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The Gatton Murders. An unsolved triple homicide that occurred a mile from the town of Gatton, Queensland, Australia. Michael Murphy and his sisters Norah and Ellen were killed on December 1898 while returning home from a cancelled dance. Michael had been shot and bludgeoned, Norah strangled and bludgeoned, and Ellen was bludgeoned twice. Police suspected a man name Thomas Day, a laborer who lived 900 feet away from the murder site. He enlisted in the military and then disappeared.

FROM the VAULT - The Gatton Murders, 26 December 1898 - Museum


The disappearance of Owen Parfitt , June, 1763 - Paralyzed by a stroke, Parfitt, 60, would sit outside his sister's farmhouse on warm evenings. He was practically unable to move and would sit in his nightshirt atop a folded greatcoat. At around 7pm, Parfitt's sister went outside to move her brother back inside to find that he was gone. Only his greatcoat remained. The disappearance was investigated as late as 1933 but no trace of Parfitt was ever found.

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On November 21, 1987, 26 year old mom-of-three Korrina Lynne Sagers vanished without a trace at the Mount Holly Plantation bus stop. On October 4, 1988, Korrina’s 8-year old daughter, Annette Sagers, was on her way to school at the same Mount Holly bus stop, when she too mysteriously disappeared. A note determined to have been written by Annette was found at the stop. It read: “Dad, momma come back. Give the boys a hug”. No one has heard from either of them in 25 years...

Have you seen this child? ANNETTE SAGERS


On May 14, 2008 Brandon Swanson,19, crashed his car in a ditch on a rural road. He called his dad to pick him up, but his father couldn't find him. Calling him back, Brandon said he'd walk to the nearby town of Lynd. In the middle of the call, Brandon suddenly swore and the phone went dead. His father called him back several times, but Brandon never answered. Police later found Brandon’s car, but couldn't find him or his phone. No one knows what made Brandon to swear, but he's never been found.

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Judith Tompkins was only eight years old when she disappeared in the late 1800's, Her father was rich and he dabbled in photography. This was the last image taken of Judith before she disappeared. Her father died in prison after being convicted in her disappearance. This image shows a hint that something else may have been at work. Mr. Quiet Movie kck.st/MSaOZA

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These 10 Unsolved Mysteries Will Give You Chills. And Leave You Baffled.

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On 22 February 1946, Mary Larey and Jimmy Hollis survived an attack by a ‘phantom-like’ murderer in Texarkana. One month later, Richard Griffin and Polly Moore were murdered. On 13 April Betty Booker and Jerry Atkins were murdered . Three hundred suspects were brought in for questioning, but on 3 May the phantom struck again, killing Virgil Starks and wounding his wife Katy in their home. The serial killer became know as the ‘Phantom Killer’ and the case still remains unsolved today.

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A fascinating story about 5 West Virginia children who mysteriously vanished on Christmas Eve, 1945. This is truly crazy! Worth the read

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Top 10 Unsolved Murder Mysteries Of All Times

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The Taman Shud Case is the unsolved case of a man found dead on December 1948, in Adelaide, South Australia. The case has been the subject of speculation over the years regarding the identity of the victim, the events leading up to and the cause of his death. An unsolved code was found among his belongings and the case name comes from a scrap of paper torn from a rare book found in his pocket.

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Someone disappears computer? The 5 Creepiest Disappearances That Nobody Can Explain

The 5 Creepiest Disappearances That Nobody Can Explain


In July 1985 Nicole Morin, aged 8, left her apartment to meet a friend and go swimming in the pool behind the building. The friend waited downstairs, but Nicole never arrived. She was seen by a neighbour, getting into the elevator, but that was the last time she was seen. Police searched everywhere, but no trace of her was ever found. What happened to Nicole, and how did the supposed abductor take her away without being seen?

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Mitchell Owens disappeared from his home in 1983 and hasn't been seen since. His mother was attacked by an unknown male, and though strangled unconscious, she survived. However Mitchell was missing. A man posing as a police officer had called at her home earlier, but no officer had been sent there. Also she had received suspicious phone calls. Inexplicably, the police decided to treat Mitchell as a runaway, despite him being just 4 years old. What happened to Mitchell and where is he now?

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Susan Powell disappeared in 2009 in a snowstorm. Her husband said he left her at home and when he returned she was gone. She left all her belongings behind, and he had her phone. In 2012 her husband killed himself and their two young sons. Susan has never been found

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Stacy McCall, Suzie Streeter, and Suzie's mother Sherrill Levitt, disappeared from Levitt's home more than 20 years ago. There was no sign of a struggle, and the women left their purses, money and personal belongings behind. Sherrill's dog was still in the house, very upset and frightened. Nothing has been seen or heard from the 3 women since. Where are they and what happened to them? If only the little dog could tell us.

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Suzanne Jovin was brutally stabbed to death in 1998 and her murder remains unsolved. On the night of December 4th Suzanne had told friends she was going to stay in, yet shortly after this she was seen walking ,by a friend, and they talked for a few minutes. 33 minutes later police received a call about a woman bleeding - this was Suzanne and she'd received 17 stab wounds. She had travelled too far in that time to have arrived at the location on foot. Who killed Susanne and why?

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Taman Shud Case. Who was the Somerton man, whose body was found in 1948? He was probably poisoned, and he has never been identified to this day. His death has been linked to a book containing an unknown code, which has not been broken. Part of the text of the book 'Taman Shud' (meaning 'ended') was found in a secret pocket in his clothing. Who was the Somerton man and what secrets did he hold?

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The Gatton murders occurred in 1898. Norah Murphy, her sister Ellen and brother Michael, were horrifically murdered and the culprit never brought to justice. There are some very strange elements to this crime, and the motivation behind it is unknown. A recent book made a case for revenge as the motive, but much of it was speculation. It seems unlikely now that we will ever know what happened, or who committed the murders.

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Maria Ridulph was kidnapped on a street corner in Sycamore, Illinois on December 3, 1957. She was 7 years old at the time. Her body was discovered in a field 5 months later. The case went cold for 55 years until Jack McCullough formerly John Tessier was arrested in July 2011. It is believed that the case involved the oldest unsolved murder resulting in an arrest in the United States

Ex-policeman gets life for 1957 death of Ill. girl


The case of two missing Fayetteville brothers, a 6-year-old and 11-year-old, who vanished in September 1964, is the oldest unsolved disappearance on the books in North Carolina.

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Unsolved Mysteries Agatha Christie's disappearance

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The Springfield Three is an unsolved missing person case that began on June 7 1992.Stacy McCall (18), Suzie Streeter (19) & Suzie's mother Sherrill Levitt (47) disappeared from Levitt's home. There was no sign of a struggle & all personal property was left behind(purses,cars,keys,cigarettes+the family dog who seemed nervous). Police later admitted the crime scene had possibly been tainted by the 20 or so people who visited the house MORE: en.wikipedia.org/...

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JonBenet Ramsey grave .. still an unsolved murder

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