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Turn "I Wish" Into "I Will"

Success in projects, business, your sports team and home-life is often about recognising what each individual is good at and leveraging those skills. Walt Disney couldn't have put it better!

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http://manifestbetter.com Change starts now. Change starts within. Make the decision and doors will open.

3 Laws of Emotional Strength--The Law of Attention, The Law of Exchange, The Law of Reversibility. #philippians4:8 #joy

"You are only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." #RobinWilliams #positivitynote #positivity #inspiration

Life is tough, my darling, but so are you!

25 Quotes full of happiness, hope, joy, and laughter. Quotes are great to uplift our spirits and give us motivation and inspiration to keep going. | Goodthingsrealized.com

I am too old to have only seen this little of the world and too young not to go see it now. #rustico #adventure

A dream can be a man's most beautiful sleep experience, or their worst. Some of them leave us thinking why we woke up so soon, while others frightens us like no

Live Life Happy: "Someday you're gonna look back at all the progress you’ve made and be so glad you didn’t give up when you felt like that was your only option." - Unknown

2015 is my year of self-care! She made a promise to herself! Motivational quotes http://westcoastmama.net/self-care/

Absolutely love this quote...I say this to people all the time. It doesn't matter what you do, you will never make everyone happy and there will always be someone there to criticize you. So do what makes you happy and what feels right! Just as long as you are kind to others and your intentions are pure.

Your job is not to judge

Let More Light In

Dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean

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8 beautiful quotes to celebrate world kindness day. “No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.” –Aesop

Albert Einstein

"Give them an inch and some people act like rulers." ~ Frank Sonnenberg www.FrankSonnenbergOnline.com

With all this 'good' and 'bad' labelling of foods, it's easy to forget that most of us don't need to exclude entire food groups to be healthy. And certainly not to be happy. Cheesecake and icecream cake always have a place in my diet!


Lots of Inspiration Quotes and Beautiful Sayings! With sayings mixed in with beautiful scenes of sunsets, sunrises and of the ocean! I hope you enjoy our site! http://www.adandeliongirl.com/#!inspirational-thoughts/c1vi9