So pretty

**Halo and snow covered pine trees, Fichtelberg, Ore Mountains, Saxony, Germany.sundog from ice crystals in the sky

Od barn with a beautiful pond reflection:

An old barn with a beautiful pond reflection in the bleak winter-time. Just BEAUTIFUL!

Romantic.... kissing and hugging to stay warm ...nice .. love days like this ...

A View of a Snow-Covered Bridge in the Woods

I love fresh snow that hasn't been walked on! A View of a Snow-Covered Bridge in the Woods, by Richard Nowitz


Love the birdhouse on the fence post to the gate opening. this would be cute with the FAUX gate entry idea by the oak tree garden.

Hello?! You people forgot to fill the bird feeder...

Cardinals were probably my mother's favorite bird. I always tried to get her some kind of Cardinal decoration for Christmas. This is a beautiful scene with the Cardinal, the holly and the snow.