Jeffrey R. Holland

"Church isn't a museum for good people, it's a hospital for the broken," Jeffrey R. Holland---we all need "fixing", we can all become "whole" through the atonement---isn't that why church is once a week

4x6 of the first presidency and 12 apostles, print for the kids to keep in their scriptures.

of the first presidency and 12 apostles. Printed this off and sent to my son who was serving a mission. He said he used this as a visual aid when teaching lessons about the prophet and apostles.

Joseph B. Wirthlin

"The Church is not a place where perfect people gather to say perfect things. The Church is a place where imperfect people gather to provide encouragement, support, and service to each other." Joseph B.

Giving a “Silent” Lesson

Giving a "Silent" Lesson

FHE Idea - Give a Silent Lesson! Really great ideas on how to give a silent lesson.

'We Believe' LDS 4x6 printable quiet book for church

Church quiet book printables - Articles of Faith, Apostles and Prophets, Book of Mormon stories and more - these were so quick and easy! My kids pf all ages are going to love them for Sunday's.

The fate of the apostles and where they rest.

What Happened to all the Apostles and where their remains are today? You'll notice all the Apostles remains are in Catholic Churches. The Church has given some relics of the Saints to the Orthodox, but to no other.

October 2014 Visiting Teaching Message - Printable Bread Wrappers and Tags -

bread of life LDS Lane: October 2014 Visiting Teaching Message - Bread of .

Love this cute binder cover for next year!  So grateful to this gal for including the monthly theme AND scripture, as well as a calendar. 2014 Primary Theme - Families Are Forever by So You Think You Can Learn

So You Think You Can Learn: 2014 Primary Theme - Families Are Forever Thinking laminated for each family to put up on fridge or something like that?