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Math & Common Core Activities

Examples of Quadrilaterals - in our everyday lives

Awesome 6th Grade Geometry Ideas -Angle Notes -Geometry Robots -Building Castles with Geometric Shapes -Angle Anchor Charts for Quadrilaterals

Quadrilateral City - Geometry Project Based Learning: This project is designed to help your students apply their knowledge about the properties of quadrilaterals through a simulation project.

Quadrilateral cut and paste.pdf - Google Drive

Task Cards designed to help you implement the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice in your classroom on a daily basis. Students will: Record the Question; Model and Solve; Record the Solution; Explain Their Reasoning

Drawing On Math: Instagram for Quadrilaterals

An "Uncommon-to-the-Core" Teacher in a Common Core World. .

mini lessons and online questions

Restaurant Math {Serving Up the Common Core}

All in the Family {Update}~A fun way to teach your little ones about fact families.

The Crawfords' Big Book of Math-tivities - Common Core $

Teaching With a Mountain View: Dividing Fractions Anchor Chart, Game Freebie, and Math Journal

CELL PHONES IN THE CL A SSROOM: A BOON OR BLIGHT? It’s a question many educators are facing these days. The Common Core State Standards call for students to develop digital media and technology skills. One way to help them reach that goal: incorporate gadgets they’re already familiar with — cell phones, tablets, and smartphones — into their learning environment.

Math Coachs Corner: Technology and the CRA Sequence of Instruction. What's behind the CRA (concrete, representational, abstract) sequence of instruction and how is it impacted by technology? References to Van de Walle.

Common Core Math Lessons Just updated the grade 3 math site with another submission! www.commoncoremat...

3rd Grade Thoughts: Why I NOW Love Teaching Math: Setting up Math Rotations

Zoo Design: Area, Perimeter, Map Skills, Project Based Learning, & More! Let your student's imagination and possibilities run wild as they design a zoo! ($4.5)