Columbia House

Columbia House Record and Tape Club. I remember this. Sounded too good to be true

Vintage 1983 ERASER MATE Refillable Erasable Ink Pen by Paper Mate

Vintage 1983 ERASER MATE Refillable Erasable Ink Pen by Paper Mate--NEW, SEALED. I remember when these came out. I was in junior high and we all thought they were so cool.

Yes! The metal used to get hot as heck!

My grandmother in Georgia has said of these in her garage in the closet and we would take them down to the beach and my mom or my mom and my dad would sit in them while I played in the ocean

Book fair = the best week of the year.

Funny pictures about Scholastic book fair. Oh, and cool pics about Scholastic book fair. Also, Scholastic book fair.

Remember the flash cube?

Remember When? Kodak 110 camera with the flash bulb that turned around!

It was a lousy waitressing job during college in the 70s. Had to do a tip kitty, so the slackers made money off my tips!

I loved eating in the old Pizza Hut Restaurants having Fresh Pan Pizza delivered to your table

Swallowed quite a few of those in one go as a tiny.  No baby-proofing anythings then.

Bayer Baby Chewable Aspirin - before baby aspirin became the lethal poison that it is for today's children.

My Auntie had these flash cubes all over the house!

Kodak Instamatic Camera with GE Flashcube. This was a major innovation in its time. I just remember burning my fingers when I changed the flashcube.

Toys From the 80s - Why The 80s

Toys From the 80s - Why The 80s

barbie carrying case 1970s | Vintage Durham Industries 1976 Holly Hobbie Sewing Machine…

cute holly hobbie lunch box and thermos. I LOVED Holly Hobbie growing up. I have a lunch box similar to this but it's orange

1950s Girl Scout BROWNIE WAGGGS Pin RARE 2- Finger Salute GIFT Multi=1 Ship in Collectibles, Historical Memorabilia, Fraternal Organizations | eBay

so this pin came loose on my Brownie uniform and I asked the teacher to pin it back on. she pinned it on sideways. i was insulted and she got mad when I asked her to fix it! loved, loved being a Brownie Girl Scout!