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Amazing Motorcycle, Lew's Guy Stuff©: Thunderbike Harley-Davidson Check Out This Sweet Custom!


bikes—hand-built copper bicycle by Joost Olsthoorn of Olsthoorn Cycles

Geisha in the rain. Japan.

Rain makes emotions stronger. That statement is so very true. In the rain I feel most because the storm on the outside matches the storm on the inside.


Cadillac Bike, designed by Robert Egger, 1998 Forgetting the balance and dimensions problems, this amazing vintage bike works. No Handlebars but the change-system makes is job. Maybe it isn’t a “city-bike” but if you want to be observed all over the.

The Oneybike | Designer: Peter Varga

The Oneybike is a leisure bike designed by Peter Varga. It has the classic highwheeler design but also with the comfort of a recumbent bike.


The most radical Indian motorcycle concept we've seen so far. Not sure if it'll make it into production, though. Looks kinda like the "World's Fastest Indian" bike.


Chris Boardman's Lotus Type 108 Olympic Pursuit Bike, designed by Mike Burrows.