21 People Reveal The Crazy Reasons They Got Fired From Their Job

Someone from San José posted a whisper, which reads "Today I got fired from Mcdonalds for calling a co-worker mcbitch"

Sesame Wars

Cookie Monster likes to keep his cousin out of the spot light because he knows Wookie Monster would be loved more than he is. Selfish Cookie Monster<<<<hahahahaha THIS

And this cat. | 24 Warning Labels That Need Warning Labels

Funny pictures about Avoid Eye Contact. Oh, and cool pics about Avoid Eye Contact. Also, Avoid Eye Contact photos.

Which Adorable Food Pair Are You And Your Best Friend? You got: Pizza and Beer Good times. You two like to take it easy, and your friendship has seen many a late night. You’re not trying to impress anybody, you just like to be together.

Which Adorable Food Pair Are You And Your Best Friend?

Lol thats the dream lol

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uterus period pain meme - Google Search

Just a heads up, never tell a girl that a 'period can't be THAT bad' if you wanna walk away with your balls still attached to your crotch.