Birds on a Line by Tusz Za Rogiem

101 Tiny Girl Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink

Birds on a Line by Tusz Za Rogiem - except one flying away? But I'd want the other flying home. (Okay, I like the idea of a tattoo that shows both.

kids first  initial with their  D.O.B

First letter of last name wedding date? Or first letter of children's names their birthdate? :) idea for wedding anniversary and or GR bday

SweetPeas Tattoos Pinterest found on Polyvore featuring polyvore and flowers

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Small Flowers on Ankle by Nando

101 Tiny Girl Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink

OMG!  <3

this Is Super Cute I'm Always Afraid To Get A Tattoo Cause I Change My Mind About What I Like Too Much. But I Think I Could Live With And Love This Itty Bitty Cute Foot One!) - I love the delicate flower. Maybe a rose bud on my right foot.


Two little birds and big bird in dark brown for eye color. One big bird in dark blue for my eye color, then fly away blue bird for Brice. Very close to the idea i already had for a memory tat for Brice

Small red lotus.  Would like green

simple lotus tattoo for women Lotus Flower. It grows in muddy water, and it is this environment that gives forth the flower’s first and most literal meaning: rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment.