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kekeke the 12 faces of our YEHETing Maknae... Sehunnie~!! <3 <3 keke #SehunYehet

kekeke the 12 faces of our YEHETing Maknae.I think my favourite is yehet XD

Sehun..... This man is simply beautiful..... Absolutely gorgeous!!!! HIS HAIR IS BLOODY PERFECTION!

This man is simply beautiful. HIS HAIR…

Oh Sehun

Oh Sehun - when did this cutie pie turn into a very fine young man? Where did that cute personal gooo? Sehun:Home

"please hyung, can we get the cookies"

Sehun - 160211 Vancouver Airport, departing for Los Angeles

Sehun - 160409 16th Top Chinese Music AwardsCredit: Mingbubsa. (第十六届音乐风云榜年度盛典)

Cute Sehun ^~^ He looks like he's singing, "I want nobody, nobody but you", *clap clap* XD