From Flea Market Find to Savvy Storage

I love this shadow box/shelf/cabinet made out of an old window frame! I have old windows as doors to my bookcases, china cabinet and bathroom closet in the Vermont house. Where could I do this?

Use stamp and plain bleach to design your own fabric.

Untrendy Life: TUTORIAL: How To Stamp With Bleach On Fabric. Would be fun in doing a cloth napkin set.

Bundled herbs!

Hang this swag in the kitchen, then snip off sprigs of preserved lavender, Santa Cruz oregano, sage, rosemary to add to favorite recipes. (looks easier to make than a wreath and I'm growing these things now)


Hmmm---- This bag was knit then felted (pattern for sale on site) but I'm inspired to make it from felted wool sweaters

Coleridge by Elizabeth Doherty

Coleridge pattern by Elizabeth Doherty

Philippe Tiberghien

27 Amazing Fall Furniture And Accessories : 27 Fall Furniture And Accessories With White Wall And Hanging Green Light Bulb Cover

pretty awesome sleeves. knitting pattern for 6€ at ravelry

Spring Dress pattern by Bergrós Kjartansdóttir

Free! - SpringLeaves2 by piecesofVe, via Flickr

Spring Leaves Blanket Knit Pattern by Katrin Vorbeck - free pattern: originally a scarf, but can be expanded into a wrap/shawl or blanket.