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Kaity Morgan
Kaity Morgan
Kaity Morgan

Kaity Morgan

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Pinterest is one of my obsessions! The others are Once Upon a Time, Bones, Castle and Harry Potter to name a few! I also love reading,writing, and dance.

This wreath measures approximately 30 inches and is made of Deco Mesh burlap, wired ribbons in orange, green and brown, a large burlap bow

This wreath is 29 inches around . It is made with black deco mesh with orange, green, and purple stripes. There are purple and green tube

If you're going to disclaim feminism, honesty demands that you at least acknowledge all of the many ways you benefit from it.

Hank Green < I love this guy

Watercolor Mug DIY. What a great holiday gift idea.

i don't believe in god, but her lips tasted like heaven, and her eyes were the colour of branches laid bare in winter, of dirt and roots weaving in and out of my ribcage.... i don't believe in god, but i do believe in poetry, and she is the only thing worth writing about.

If you wondered if your rights could be taken, your values judged and your children's future troubled, wonder no more.

This is HORRIBLE! What an awful thing to teach young girls that they are responsible for the sexual urges of boys and men. Not to mention the message that their bodies are somehow shameful, or that their 'virtue' can be 'worn out' simply by exposing skin. These messages stay with you for the rest of your life, leading to self-loathing, anxiety and various body-image issues.

"It's like being presented with a sirloin steak and being told you can't eat it."