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    Corsair Battle Skirt

    Battle Skirt by Larperlei on Etsy

    Rhidur Battle Skirt- all the pretty!

    upcycled leather skirt recycled customizable primal festival fetish goth panel skirt goa boho

    Battle Skirt by Larperlei on Etsy, €45.00

    Elven Battle Skirt by Larperlei on Etsy

    A tutorial on how to make this gorgeous tribal style bellydance belt.

    Supporting a Large Bust - drafting a corset for a full figure

    Felt Melted Tree Roots Woodland Nymph Princess Of by frixiegirl

    Oh that I had the courage - elvish inspired sweater.

    Do you want to make yourself some Viking garments. Here you can find lots of templates for sewing. www.vikingsonline...

    How to of Viking Pants! an SCA garb essential!

    commoner clothing. Make the sleeves bell out less and ditch the fur that would be a very comfy gown! I love how she did it though.

    |ॐ| Goldona seems to favor war skirts even when at home with the children.

    Women’s Tunic Stitching Guide - very handy and free pattern - looks like a good pattern for making art-to-wear from art cloth.

    Article about Fastenings Across the Ages. Brooches, lacing, fabric ties, drawstrings, pins, buttons, toggles, hooks and eyes, busks, and snaps. Strangely enough, the zipper is not mentioned.

    Really need to make me some of these, pic with full skirt under to follow...

    Medieval Flax linen Men's Tunic $72 Putting it here for garb mania

    Frontlace kirtle, pin on sleeves, chemise and simple head kerchief/cloth

    I don't think this look is regal enough, but I'm very fond of the outfit so I'll pin it for now.

    How To Make Your Own Personalized Dress Form Using Duct Tape - Thanks Etsy!

    Leather tabard: Can probably be converted out of opshop finds, would look amazing.

    homemade pavilion with notes on how it was done - sca

    Awesome rag skirt! The purrfect alternate piece to turn classical faire garb into badass fairy garb fer sumthin different. I need a new one & like these colors. My old one in shades of green is beat, plus has been patched up & doctored to a point it can nae be fix'd no more.