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halloween/haunted house ideas

hanging vines- must make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheap body part in a plastic bag--add blood

How to make a hall of chains haunted house prop

Shadow cape girls Halloween costume

How To Make Your Own Pocahontas Costume. Guess who I am going to be next year? :3

creepy hands with painter's tape

Make a zombie arm with masking tape!

More haunted house pumpkins. Love the black paint and only the windows peeking out with light.

Boxes that look like old metal to fill in dead space in haunted house. Easy.

Old jeans, spray foam & red paint

How to make yourself look like a rotten zombie.

Budget Bodies - HauntForum - great for entryway!!

Something dark in a corner can be equally as scary as a white sheeted ghost.

Note to self: Petroleum jelly glows under black light

Dolls Doll makeovers on Halloween Forum

Shredded cheesecloth and plastic bones make for a scary entrance

Spooky skeleton hand decorations--all you need is latex gloves and a permanent marker!