Cheap and easy back to school gift

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Animal Writing Report Outline free

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Animal Writing Report Outline

ZooPals Animal Reports-easy to begin to model how to write a non-fiction research report at the beginning of the year.

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Fall Into First: ZooPals Animal Reports

Animal Habitats Remix 8 minutes YouTube

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My Cute Baby Animals: Animal Habitat Flip Book

animals and habitats "nonfiction center" literacy center idea-- nonfiction animal books, figurines, viewmaster w/ animal pictures, animal cards, graphic organizer

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The Polka Dot Pencil Studio: Animals

The Polka Dot Pencil Studio: Animal Habitats

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The Polka Dot Pencil Studio: April 2012

Writing Thinking Maps | tree map we completed after studying the desert, arctic, and ...

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Team V's Second Grade Fun: Thinking Maps

Love this idea for animal habitats in our zoo unit!

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September+ (image)

Animal habitats bulletin board. Divide a bulletin board up into the four main animal habitats. Choose an appropriate boarder. Have students draw their favorite wild animal on a piece of paper and have them place it in the correct habitat. This will be a great way to display students artwork!

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Student Teaching

homemade soda bottle ant farm

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Soda Bottle Ant Farm

Animal habitats with different crafts to learn about them.

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Kids Rock!: Literacy

Animal Habitat Unit Freebie

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Simply Second: Animal Habitat Unit + Freebie

Animal reports using text features! Meets the common core and is a favorite!

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Expert books: Animal research project using informational text features

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Around the Kampfire: Informational Expert Books

Animal Wax Museum

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JOHNNY APPLESEED and APPLE TIME IS COMING!!!!! Apples & Johnny Appleseed Writing "Research" w/ Literacy and Math Activities! Lots of leveled skills for leveled learning!!! Tons of writing activities and printables! TWO FREEBIES in the Download Preview! Over 80 pages of leveled skills!)

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Jellyfish Presentation Board

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Common Core 1st Grade Writing Project- Animals- great ideas I may have to incorporate for our research project.

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Common Core 1st Grade Writing Project- Animals

This unit meets Georgia Science standard S1L1 as well as Common Core writing standards for narrative writing and writing conventions for first grad...

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Animals Unit for First Grade Science

Missing Addend Math Center

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Missing Addend Math Center

Wild About Animals Research Reports

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Wild About Animals Research Reports

Critical Thinking Activities for Fast Finishers and Beyond |

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Freebie: Habitat Flip booklet to use when teaching different animal habitats

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Rulin' The Roost: SLOW down!!!

These animal shaped habitat slip books would be a fun way to keep students engaged during a presentation on animal habitats. Incorporating a creative element such as this would be a awesome break in instruction and allow time for students to be involved in the lesson.

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