Oh my gosh yes!!!

The hunger games catching fire. Plutarch wants to kill katniss! People reading the book know the truth! You sneaky thing Plutarch

No, Katniss is the official Mockingjay, Rue inspired the revolution, but Prim started it. If Prim hadn't gotten picked Katniss wouldn't have volunteered then she wouldnt have met Rue who sparked the Mockingjay.

This uncanny Spongebob comparison: | 17 Jokes Only "Hunger Games" Fans Will Understand

This made me giggle :) Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, The Hunger Games, Spongebob Squarepants

I just can't take this *crying*

"She has Peeta's eyes." "You look just like your father. Except for your eyes. You have your mother's eyes.

Peeta :)

Peeta Mellark = Sass Master I think his wit makes me love him even more.


Twilight tributes

Everything I love in life, the hunger Games, Harry Potter and Spongebob :)

Why not?! *hear the sarcasm*

They might as well just call the movie Sort Of Catching Fire!<<<this is so accurate! Madge was the one who gave Katniss the pin THAT GAVE HER THE NAME, it even says that in the book! Also the redhead Avox girl from the book that helped Katniss