Native American Wolf Symbolism - Birth Totem Animal

Wolf Birth Totem Animal - Animal Birth Totems - Knowledge Base - Kokopelli of NH

25 Ways to Awaken Your Birth Power (Book & CD) by Danette Watson,

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Daily Mom » The Blessingway: Celebrate Mom Before the Birth

The Blessingway: Celebrate Mom Before the Birth

How to Plan a Blessingway, Blessingway Guide, Basics of a Blessingway

How to Plan a Blessingway

#painted rocks, Affirmation stones - but could be used at camp... maybe.. tell a story etc...?


Believe Leaves

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A collection of positive birth affirmations, quotes, and poems.

Affirmations « Positive Birth Stories

Earth Mother & Her Moon Phases ~ waxing, full & waning, which coincide with the Triple Goddess, Power of 3 or phases of womanhood: maiden, mother & crone

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Ixchel, Mayan jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicine

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Ideas for a Blessingway

Ideas for a Blessing Way #pregnancy

Blessingway~ A Navajo traditional ceremony honouring the pregnant mumma.....beads, prayer flags, belly casting, Henna bellies, songs and food!!!

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Blessing Way Ideas ~ Spiritual Baby Shower Games & Activities | Intergalactic Holly Hobby

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blog post on nature tables & altars. this one is a birth altar lit during a friend's labor.

nature tables and altars | paint cut paste

Raise My Spirit- A joyful full bellied Mama sends up a prayer for a powerful, happy, safe birth. She sits in a yoga position, in harmony with the universe. She is the fire of life.

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A Birth Altar is a space that will become a power symbol of ones birth. I have begun creating my birth space and bringing together objects that will become my collection of strength during my home

My Birth Altar

A blessed occasion & memorable Blessingway. (sage upon arrival, hair brushing & braiding ritual, mother-to-be shares her birth art, henna belly art, crowning & adorning)

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Julia Holt

Blessingways and the role of ritual

Blessingways and the role of ritual

I like the idea of everyone burning their birth fears at the beginning of the blessingway, it allows everyone to get rid of those feeling surrounding birth and leave the space sacred and positive for the mom

Yogini Momma: 38 weeks Pregnancy Update & Blessingway photos

energyawakening: Blessing-way ceremony altar during my tribe’s beautiful celebration of the transition from maiden to mother. Best kind of ...

Fuck Yeah Altars

Mother Rising: The Blessingway Journey into Motherhood

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blessingway songs

Blessingway Songs

» Henna Tattooing, Belly Painting & Blessingway Art

Choose your destination

Binding Thread for Baby Shower or Blessingway by Babyloveplanning, $8.00

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Stacy's prenatal henna by Mehndi Made Memories, via Flickr

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