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Community Cookie Contest - Bridal Bliss

This board - the second of Julia's Pinterest cookie decorating contests - is now closed. For the contest wrap-up, including all winners, visit:

Community Cookie Contest - Bridal Bliss

  • 343 Pins

The full wrap-up of the Bridal Bliss Community Cookie Contest can be found in Julia M. Usher's special edition newsletter, hot off the presses! Thanks to the many fabulous cookie decorators who submitted entries!

  • Monik Mateos Arques
    Monik Mateos Arques

    Thank you very much!! I am very happy!! muchisimas gracias

  • Ququis Reposteria Artesanal Divertida
    Ququis Reposteria Artesanal Divertida

    I'm very happy for the mention !!! thanks a lot !!! Vale

  • Stephanie Johnson
    Stephanie Johnson

    Thank you SO much Julie!!

And in third place, Marina BlauKitchen shines again with her Cookie Cake at 84 pins! Stay tuned for more honorable mentions and a full contest wrap up in my next newsletter. Thanks again to all for sharing such fabulous work. Such incredible inspiration makes any Pinterest hassles worth it!

  • Marina BlauKitchen
    Marina BlauKitchen

    I thank every one who liked and voted my works. Thank youuuuuuu :)

  • The Wacky Cookie Company
    The Wacky Cookie Company

    Marina, Congrats on your beautiful work :)

  • Marina BlauKitchen
    Marina BlauKitchen

    Thank you very much Aymee, you cookies are really beautiful, best regards

  • Carola Fernandez Iribarren Banyuls
    Carola Fernandez Iribarren Banyuls

    felicitaciones Marina :)

  • Marina BlauKitchen
    Marina BlauKitchen

    Gracias Carola

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Though there are no monetary prizes for second and third places, I wanted to give a shout out to Aymee VanDyke at Wacky Cookies for her Bridal Cookie Favors Dresses and Tuxedos, which came in a close second with a whopping 94 unique pins.

  • Marina BlauKitchen
    Marina BlauKitchen

    Congrats Aymee VanDyke for your second place

  • The Wacky Cookie Company
    The Wacky Cookie Company

    I am most honored and humbled to be in the company of such amazing decorators. Thanks so much to everyone who pinned their amazing pics, who re pinned mine, and Julia to you for your amazing work, which inspires me to kick it up a notch or ten :).

CONGRATS to the BRIDAL BLISS COMMUNITY COOKIE CONTEST WINNER: Marina BlauKitchen for her Peggy Porschen Cake Tribute. It topped the list with 140 pins. Marina will receive copies of Cookie Swap and Ultimate Cookies, as well as a grab bag of Fancy Flours decorating goodies valued at 150 US dollars. Her cookie is true to its inspiration - colorful and expertly executed!

  • Julia M Usher
    Julia M Usher

    @Marina BlauKitchen I love your cookie decorating story - amazing what joy cookie decorating can bring to those decorating (not just those receiving) and, in your case, in so little time. Wow!

  • Marina BlauKitchen
    Marina BlauKitchen

    Thank you very much Julia. This award makes me very happy and it encourages me to continue making and decorating cookies.

  • Marina BlauKitchen
    Marina BlauKitchen

    Gracias Isabel. Besitos ;)

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CONTEST UPDATE: Note to all: I closed the contest to pinning about 3 hours earlier than planned because I discovered that between 1am last night and present, Pinterest had dropped about 1/3 of the pins from the board (all of the earliest pins), and I didn't want pinning to continue w/o all of the entries being viewable. Dropping of pins is a recent Pinterest bug, and they've assured me that the pins are not lost and will be restored within 3 business days. That said . . .

  • Julia M Usher
    Julia M Usher

    Gilda Payne - I removed every pinners' pinning privileges when I closed the contest, which means that you can no longer view the board among yours. You'll have to return to my board to see the results: I do this so that people don't continue to pin as I am tallying votes and so that they don't pin after the contest is closed and potentially clutter up people's mailboxes. I also like to have the winners positioned at the top, so they're easy for people to find. But I keep the board open for viewing and following/repinning on my page, so that people can some back to it for inspiration. I hope this makes sense; it seemed the easiest way to work it on my end.

  • Julia M Usher
    Julia M Usher

    Jill Heaney Liking that idea. What you say is true, though have you seen all those lingerie cookies going around? ;)

  • Cupcakes 'n Candy
    Cupcakes 'n Candy

    Haha! I forgot about those! Good thinking:)

  • Milagros Echenique
    Milagros Echenique

    Ohhh Julie I LOVE THIS....when are you coming to Spain to teach us ???

  • Julia M Usher
    Julia M Usher

    Ooh, Milagros Echenique, not sure! I would love to though. Is there a culinary school there that I ought to reach out to?

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Shortbread Bridal Shower cookie favours, via Flickr.

  • Jill Roth
    Jill Roth

    your cookies are fantastic, what do you get for them. price wise.

Cookievonster Shortbread custom wedding cookie favours, via Flickr.

Victorian Kiss on a sugar cookie :)

Wedding Cookie

Mis galletas para la profesora de piscina

Best Wedding Cookies

Cakes and rings and monograms

Wedding dresses, crowns, and message cookies




Circle shaped cookies designed with flowers and painted with gold shimmer. Hand decorated by me.:) 2.5 inches in diameter

Cookies decorated with brush embroidery technique.

Mini cookie cakes. :)

Mickey Cookie Cake

Cookie cake in basket weave design.

Butterfly Cookies

Easter cookies

  • Sweet C's Bake Shop
    Sweet C's Bake Shop

    This board is for wedding cookies only!!!

A pretty Christmas cookie tree with roses and ribbons icing

Preciously adorable heart shaped Lovebird Cookies. #food #heart #cookies #lovebirds #Valentines #wedding #anniversary #love #romantic