May every "big girl" remember she is fueling a little girl's dream. Dance is beautiful, graceful, powerful and fills us with so much joy. Remember to cherish every moment, friendship, and dance because one day they will all be wonderful memories

It's a Guard Thing...

It's A Guard Thing

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these uniformssssss

This would make me happy - reminds me of when King Triton makes Ariel human so that she could be with Erik

Crazy Eye Makeup | Blue and silver color eye makeup

How To Apply Eyeshadows For Beginners? - Step By Step Tutorial

A VERY different meaning. Others may include in place of hit is: damage, kill, stab, and the list goes on. >> this is true especially for me 😂 everyone else in guard calls me Grandma. but I cant remember where it started😂

I have an unrealistic dream to be a part of Phantom Regiment.

I have an unrealistic dream to be apart of Phantom Regiment. <my assistant guard instructor was a part of the phantom regiment.