I just want the twinkle lights.

nice small office space with enough table top room, my desk can only fit my laptop and mouse pad. {Office space inspiration} filing cabinet plus plank plus corner equals corner desk

A lot of Wiccans dedicate a whole room to all their Wicca belongings such as their altar, books, plants, candles, essential oils, herbs, ornaments, pictures etc.

beauty cute light home decor hippie style hipster room bedroom design fire books Interior relax cosy cozy interiors Window candles decor decoration living Pillow. I love the front table with all of the crystal/candle decor

This is awesome I could totally do this in the office/front room... but where would all my clothes go???

5 Ways to Create Your Own Closet Office

Small closet turned into a lovely home office! office Floating wooden frame for overhead lights: Unit / Make Creative OFFICE Office Desig.

...10 Inspirational Art Studios --Carmen Whitehead Designs...

10 Inspirational Art Studios

Dylan Thomas's Boat House Here is the inside of the poet's hut. IMAGE: Flickr.com/steeljam

Famous Writers' Retreats: The Rooms Where Classics Were Created

Where writers write Dylan Thomas’s Boat House Dylan Thomas worked in a wooden hut or boat house in the remote Welsh town of Laugharne.

Office space

I have found so many amazing office spaces I couldn’t possibly fit them all in a single post. This is a sequel to my previous post on The Art of the Home Office. Enjoy and get inspired to transform you own space!

Hidden room behind a bookshelf, perfect for when the mother in law comes over lol...

As a bibliophile I truly appreciate this idea, BUT, my secret room would not be more bookcases.just sayin. "A bookcase that leads to a hidden room with.wait for it.more bookcases!