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Al-Andalus ( الأندلس ‎) On July 19, 711, an army of Arabs and Berbers unified under the aegis of the Islamic Umayyad caliphate landed on Spain. Through diplomacy and warfare, they brought the entire peninsula in the far north under Islamic control; however, frontiers with the Christian north were constantly in flux. The new Islamic territories, referred to as al-Andalus by Muslims, were administered by a provincial government established in the name of the Umayyad caliphate in Damascus

An article on Convivencia. The coexistence of different faiths in Spain, in early eighth century till the expulsion of Jews in It celebrates the common ancestry of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The sh…

Demasiadas destrucciones y saqueos criminales de la Cultura Universal han sido consentidos, perpetrados con la complicidad de países...

A selection of manuscripts from a small family library includes a text with astrology diagrams (center). Timbuktu's libraries contain over manuscripts, and experts believe many thousands remain undiscovered.

Bouquet de roses en papier

Love this idea x x Storybook Paper Roses bouquet. Smaller ones can be made for the bridesmaids. I want sheet music roses in my bouquet!