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Boa noite

Martin Krusche is a talented illustrator and artist behind this print for OMMdesign. This fabulous print 'Für Neil?' pays homage to Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. Each print measures approximately x and fits in an Ikea Ribba frame.

*brassavola nodosa aka Lady of the Night orchid.

tangledwing: “ Lady of the Night orchid (Brassavola nodosa). An epiphyte, a plant that needs a host plant, but is not parasitic. Though Ladies of the Night can also grow as lithophytes, growong on.

Cosmos, Allyssum, Queen Anne's Lace, Daisy, Scabiosa

Beautiful for an all white Moon Garden.Cosmos, Allyssum, Queen Anne's Lace, Daisy, Scabiosa - the perfect combination I've been looking for. Can always rely on floral inspiration from