I'm like obsessed with her  tacolol.tumblr.com

This is my sis Ellie. She loves music, fashion, shopping, sports, and puppies!

her eyes tho...

Dirty blonde hair color falls right between blonde & light brown color. It looks like a darker shade of blonde hair but not dark & and.

Her smile. I'm jelly.   h-i-p-s-t-e-r-i-s-h.tumblr.com

Alexa Hastings Age: 22 Personality: Popular, Great Liar, Intelligent Siblings: Emily Friends: Liars & A Team: A Team First Text You Sent: "Lies Lies Liar" Kisses -A Take this quiz

soo pretty

{open rp} I stand alone in a field with flowers in my hair thinking to myself "why can't a guy love me?


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me like her hurr :))

Pretty teen with Silverman kind of hair with pink and purple strips of hair.



rhiannon from gifboom

rhiannon from gifboom