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This group of tornadoes was around Inola, Oklahoma!! Unbelievable...I have never seen anything like it! 03/26/2015


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20 Photos De Paysages Hivernaux À Couper Le Souffle

Would you ever live in a lighthouse? Explain why or why not. OR Describe some things you would need to know or be able to do in order to work in a lighthouse.


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from Canada Alive!

Snapshot: Ice Storm ’98

1998 - Power lines were down for thousands of kilometers. << This was absolutely horrific to live through.


Snapshot: Ice Storm '98

30 Amazing ice storm photographs. An ice storm is a type of winter storm characterised by freezing rain

30 Amazing Ice Storm Photography

Hurricane Patricia was the strongest storm ever recorded by the National Hurricane Center in the Western Hemisphere, with winds over 200 mph, where it held that intensity for over 12 hours. Oct 2015

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from Veronica Walsh's CBT Blog Dublin, Ireland

Understanding Cognitive Distortions (Common Thinking Errors)

#ConstructingReality a person does not just reflexly respond to events and situations, instead he selectively interprets and processes the information according to his own core beliefs and perceptions … #ego #PerceptionIsWhatWeConstruct

Les mystères de l'Univers - Astronoo

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Roll Cloud Over Uruguay

Coastal Roll Cloud on Las Olas Beach, Punta del Este, Uruguay A roll cloud is a low, horizontal, tube-shaped, and relatively rare type of arcus cloud usually formed by outflows of cold air from sea breezes or cold fronts in the absence of thunderstorms.

Roll Cloud Over Uruguay | wordlessTech

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Incredible giant 'roll cloud' looms over photographer's house

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Incredible giant 'roll cloud' looms over photographer's house