Armitron's Mother's Day Contest

*Thank you Armitron!* - I'd start my Perfect Mother's Day on vacation in New York City! I've never travelled outside the west coast, so a trip to the East is just the ticket. I'd include lots of sightseeing... famous locals I've only heard about or seen pictures of. The Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park...I want to visit them all. I'd pamper myself with a pedicure and massage at Bliss Spa and finish off the day with a delicious dinner at Lavo. What a perfect day!
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A world of possibilities awaits... #ArmitronMakeTime

New York — The wonder city of the World. Travel by train. This vintage railroad travel poster features the Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline. Illustrated by Adolph Treidler, circa Vintage travel poster.

Leaving for NYC. #ArmitronMakeTime

Want to know how to fly happily into the sunset with your kids on board? These are my tips and advice on flying with children and how to make your holiday and plane trip easy

A slow sip. #ArmitronMakeTime

Whipped cream in an Empire State Building cup This is perfect for weather like this :-)

Mmmm, a New York bagel for breakfast! #ArmitronMakeTime

Everything with Cheese Bagel; A New York style bagel topped with Asiago cheese, poppy and sesame seeds, onion and garlic.

Zabar's rugelach. We've ordered these and had them shipped to us in California, but I'd love to eat them fresh! #ArmitronMakeTime

Zabar's secs in nuker or 175 in oven until you smell 'em.