I will enlarge my friendship circle a little bit in 2014 with some new friends in Denver to add to my great mountain girl friends.

friendship friendship friendship

Engagement session with best friend friendship friendship friendship friendship

Personalised sweets...

A "Manly" Themed 30th Birthday Party


A personal friendship with Alana and Aimie. (I picked this picture because I thought it would make both of them laugh.

Surprise Gift Tags

Surprise Tags {Free Printable} These cute printable cards are the perfect way to wrap up surprise fresh baked treats for friends and neighbors. They will appreciate the the cute wrapping almost as much as the yummy snacks.

happy anniversary

Stationery A – Z: Anniversary Cards

Happy Anniversary 1 years for Sartika & Cecep . - 24 Oktober 2012 - Wishing Love, Luck, and Happiness is always beside two of you forever ^_^ amin

for James when he passed his driving test

Pass driving test & buy a car

brown paper bag

Use a pencil eraser to make confetti-like dots on brown paper package. Tie with twine and a gift tag announcing the receivers age.

Personalised Candy Tins

To make this personalized round candy tin favor special and uniquely yours, choose from 14 amazing designs for personalization. Fill the tins with something flavorful to fill your guests with delight!