// Neuschwanstein Castle in Autumn Colours Allgau, Bavaria, Germany | Henk Meijer Floydian, photographer //

'Neuschwanstein Castle in Autumn Colours Allgau, Bavaria, Germany, Henk Meijer Floydian, photographer! How amazing would it be to visit this beautiful castle? You just need the perfect anatomie travel fashion list and we're good to go.

// Beautiful Honshu Island, Japan //

The Amazing Rock House. while not a real piece of architecture. it's still nice to dream of places like these that only exist in our wildest dreams. Thank God for Photo-Shop!

One of my favorite places<3

paris~ I was in that exact spot! The view is between the Museum of French Monuments.

// Castle Vischering | Germany //

Vischering Castle (German: Burg Vischering) in Lüdinghausen, North Rhine-Westfalia is the most typical moated castle in the Münster region of Germany. This region has one of the highest German concentrations of castles, palaces and fortifications.

// Volcano View Hotel | Santorini, Greece //

Volcano View Hotel Santorini Hotel - This is in my dream book/bucket list! Work from home? Then be coached on a basis by me to build a success

Khaila Hotel Yemen

Buqshan hotel in Khaila - Yemen (by Eric Lafforgue). Not sure about the Yemen part but would like to see the hotel.

Ostend, West Flanders, Belgium

IMAGROD, Contemporary Facelift for a House of Hope.

Ostend, West Flanders, Belgium-looks like a swiss cheese happy face