Projects for high school art classes

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Projects for high school art classes

Projects for high school art classes

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National Art Standards; Mr. Mallory's Stuff for Students, mrmallory.blogspo...

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Say Yes to Drawing Tests in Art! | Art Class by Mrs. B

Say Yes to Drawing Tests in Art!

Above all else It is about leaving a mark That I existed: I was here. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had purpose. That's why I made works of art. art room

.- www.professionala....

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A First Grade Teacher's Passions and Obsessions: Intervention Kit {FREEBIES}!!!

A First Grade Teacher's Passions and Obsessions: Intervention Kit {FREEBIES}!!!

The 11 Best Art Documentaries On Netflix To Stream Right Now : T-Lounge : Tech Times

The Art of The Steal - Official Trailer

This is as close as it gets to a miracle solution for students' behavior problems, it's completely free, and it only takes 2 minutes a day.

Overcoming the 3 biggest obstacles in relationship building with kids

Kick Off the School Year with an Art-Inspired Music Video! | The Art of Ed

70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


3 Ways to Use Memes in the Art Room

VWMS Art Room: Art History "Reports"

VWMS Art Room: Art History "Reports"

Crayons as wax resist. Holy cow, why didn't I think of this already?!?! :D

Use Crayon as Wax Resist - Use Crayons as Wax Resist on Pottery

Acrylic Painting Demonstration

Basic Acrylic Painting Techniques- How to Paint an Apple

Words to live by

Awesome work of art from art history every week at the Art Curator for Kids, These have great ideas for how to talk about art with kids!

Masterpiece Monday Archives - The Art Curator for Kids

Understanding the Nature and Uses of Color • Paint – All paints are made of three things: pigment, binder, solvent • Pigment: Finely ground, colored powders ...

Color theory hue tint shade intensity

Tint: Any Color mixed with White Shade Any color mixed with Black Intensity: The brightness or dullness of a color

The Color Wheel Unit

figure drawing reference


Each piece from SKT Ceramics has an illustration, which is painted with a clear glaze, followed by a coating of wax, and dipped in the background glaze. See the complete video on The Frye Company's Instagram (click this image to go there directly!) #MeetOurMakers

The Frye Company on Instagram: “Handcrafted #ceramics with a touch of whimsy! Welcome to the #Williamsburg studio of @SKTceramics; every single porcelain piece is created…”

Beastly Bobble Heads - Lesson Plan- Blick Art Materials-- can use air dry clay and acrylics or fired & glazed clay - YouTube

A general visual arts rubric that can be used at any grade level for any project. I use it as a quick go to for units that I don't have a specific rubric for and it works like a charm every time.

Fine Art Assessment

Though the name sounds a bit intimidating, photo lithography image transfer onto clay, is not a terribly difficult process. You just need to get a couple of tools that you might not have on hand, but once you do that, it’s a piece of cake. In today’s video, Kristina shows us how. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

At first I was like.... You know its going to shrink right?! but then i realized that was the whole idea! Great way to see just how much your pot will shrink

Fine Mess Pottery: Oldest Trick in the Book

Amazing middle school art lessons

going to try this technique for making plaster hands

DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Display : Factory Direct Craft Blog