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Woody, hang on…

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear and Woody Bumper Ornament: These little guys are taking a ride on the back of your car! Hang on Woody Buzz will save you!

So true

Funny Confession Ecard: When a girl says she'll be ready in 5 minutes, she's using the same time scale a guy is when he says the game has 5 minutes left.

sad but true.

I didn't get it at first cause I never call people. And thought don't touch the phone if you want it to go to voicemail.

Fun, fun, fun!

Funny Weekend Ecard: So glad the weekend is here so I can wash the dishes, mop the floors, clean the toilets, dust the furniture and do the laundry! I still enjoy my weekends even if part of them are filled with work.

Book-to-Movie Honesty

Sadly chris columbus didnt read the percy jackson series. Comment, like, and repost if u want a new and improved percy jackson movie that includes every detail from the book

So true!

You have on sweats, no makeup and messy hair and suddenly it’s a reunion.

This is the only realistic photo on the Internet.

2013 Christmas kids photo,funny kids picture idea of Christmas,several crying kids holding JOY sign photo for


I'd rather sip hot tea in sweat pants, cuddle on the couch, and watch Netflix than go out and party. Instead of coffee i would have hot tea

You may be prettier, skinnier and tanner than I am, but I out-boob you on every level. I out-boob everybody!


Does it REALLY take that much longer to use proper grammar? Can you tell that I HATE text language.


Today's kids will never know the feeling of slamming a phone shut after an argument, now all you can do is poke your screen in an angry rage.

10 Secret Body Parts You Didn’t Know You Had.  I definitely have Cinema Bladder!

10 Secret Body Parts You Didn’t Know You Had…

Funny pictures about 10 Secret Body Parts You Didn't Know You Had. Oh, and cool pics about 10 Secret Body Parts You Didn't Know You Had. Also, 10 Secret Body Parts You Didn't Know You Had.

You think you've soaked in all of the awkwardness...and then you realize she has a goat on her lap.

25 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Wish You Had. -This NOT my style of fashion, but had to pin due to it's so classic for ugly christmas sweaters & the photo is hilarious, esp. the baby goat with the santa hat in her lap. Can't get any better than this.

smart cars

If You Absolutely, Positively Want To Re-Live Childhood Memories…

Little tikes smart car: Now allowing you to live your childhood memories. This is the only reason I would want to drive a smart car XD