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Adorable party favours for the ladies, maybe a cute bachelorette party idea...

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How to Build Your Own Terrarium...  Note to self:  Sphagnum moss can substitute for sheet moss.
Make your own terrarium from a trifle bowl! www.articles.mamaslatinas.com/home/113520/5_ways_to_style_a/11852/terrarium?slideid=11852_source=pinterest
11 best terrarium plants:  1. peperomia caperata ‘variegata’  2. cryptanthus bivittatus  3. arachnoides simplicior ‘variegata’  4. pilea involucrata ‘moon valley’  5. selaginella kraussiana ‘aurea’  6. tillandsia stricta  7. acorus gramineus ‘minimus aureus’  8. ophiopogon planiscapus ‘nigrescens’  9. asplenium bulbiferum  10. saxifraga stolonifera  11. fittonia verschaffeltii var. argyroneura
Make Terrariums Galore in Under 1 Hour
Terrariums are lovely, but they can seem a bit intimidating. Are they hard to care for? Are they hard to make? No, and no. I’ve got a couple of tutorials to help you out…
Wire Tree  •  Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a wire tree in under 180 minutes
Wire Tree with Bird Nest
Original Framed Fabric Picture. Beach Hut/Nautical. Shabby Chic. Laura Ashley.
gold wire tree
Potes de vidro ou até mesmo um aquário pode se tornar um vaso para planta que não precisam de muitos cuidados.