Forgotten Places & Things

forgotten |fərˈgätn| past participle of forget. forget |fərˈget| verb ( forgets, forgetting ; past forgot ; past participle forgotten or forgot ) [ with obj. ] fail to remember: he had forgotten his lines | [ with clause ] : she had completely forgotten how tired and hungry she was. • inadvertently neglect to attend to, do, or mention something: [ with infinitive ] : she forgot to lock her door [ no obj. ] I'm sorry, I just forgot. • put out of one's mind; cease to think of or consider.
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Let's try and stick with this rust color. I'm seeing blue-orange pins on the board. we'll do blue-orange on another day.

The Magdalen Asylum  Co. Cork., Ireland

The Magdalen Asylum Co., Ireland (See the skulls in the stairs?) Magdalene asylums were institutions from the to the centuries ostensibly for "fallen women", a term used to imply sexual promiscuity. abandones ireland has the coolest schtuff

Rust Texture

Nice color pallet Image detail for High Quality Rust and Grunge Texture Pack Resources


Metal or Rusted Art. Maybe I should call this wall, "I would love to paint but can't because God does it soooo much better" Rust Art - The Power of time, the beauty of normal [Pedro Barbosa] - Loving the Unloved

Saloon Swinging Doors

Old Western Swinging Saloon Doors with a Saloon Sign Above Doors This would be so perfect between the dining room & kitchen. White on the dining room side & red on the kitchen side.