Chignon et tresse cheveux

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Natte sur le côté

TEXTURE TOOL (the beauty department)

How to use a texture tool to achieve a perfectly messy braided updo from The Beauty Department


This updo doesn't come off as harsh as a Heidi braid with the braids starting just above the ear and wrapping to the other side.


24 Wedding Hairstyles for Brides, Guests, and More

r flawless up’do and a thick French braid crown. Braided up’dos are perfect as bridal hairstyles: versatile and pretty, they’re easy to tweak for a unique and romantic touch. Braids also suit all hair types – short or long, and straight or curly.

Tresse couronne

crown french braid is my favorite style for sports - but I want it neater than this. It will keep the hair off the way and lay smoothly against the head so that I can press my head against the floor if need be without it being uncomfortable.

Le secret d’un look bohème réussi ? Une jolie crinière coiffée de façon délicate. Chignon flou, couronnes de tresses ou queue-de-cheval accessoirisée : la coiffure romantique inspire les beautystas qui partagent leurs idées raffinées sur Pinterest. On vous donne toutes les astuces nécessaires pour les adopter, à travers une sélection de 20 coiffures qui nous laissent rêveuses.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair. Country and rustic wedding hairstyle country rustic blonde updo vintage braid

"Emma's bold lip & braided updo are ultra-glam" -Brittany, Nordstrom BP. Fashion Board Blogger

Emma Watson (born April is a French-born English actress best known for playing the character Hermione Granger in the popular "Harry Potter" film series. Find more pictures, videos and articles about Emma Watson here.