Psychedelic Art

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an image of a man standing in the middle of a forest filled with umbrellas
I Was In A Forest Of Colossal Fungi – Product
a drawing of a girl surrounded by mushrooms and fish
Yuko Higuchi
the wonderful flight to the mushroom planet by eleanor cameraon book cover art
The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet
an art work with many different types of mushrooms
a book cover with three mushrooms and houses on top of each mushroom is the title,'snowville story and illustrations by franna tacchini
the mushroom fan club book cover
Discover the wonders of fungi in this Mushroom Fan Club exclusive
a drawing of a white rabbit sitting in front of red mushrooms and mushrooms on the ground
The Many Travels of Lady Orlando
a drawing of various types of mushrooms and animals
Yuko Higuchi: An invitation into Her Fairytale World 「ヒグチユウコの世界」
a painting of a woman with mushrooms in her hair
Unseelie Mushroom Fae by MadalynMcLeod on DeviantArt