DIY Fall Festival and Halloween Highlights

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I'm not a big Halloween-decorating-kind-of-girl however I love the sophisticated & simplistic beauty of these white pumpkins with the black letters displayed on candlesticks.For wedding, white pumpkins on glass candle sticks

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies make the perfect fun and easy Halloween treat! Tastes Better From Scratch

10 easy-to-make Halloween treats

10 easy-to-make Halloween treats

Pumpkin Veggie Tray Recipe - arrange some baby carrots and veggies into a fun & simple jack-o-lantern Halloween veggie tray.

Primitive Black Cat - Halloween Decor Halloween Decorations - GFT Woodcraft

Primitive Black Cat, Halloween Decor Halloween Decorations

Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Costume DIY

Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Costume DIY: Use a robe, slippers, fuzzy socks, stuffed animals and hair rollers to create this fun, simple look!

Molly: My friend and I decided to make matching costumes this year, and after much thought, we came up with the idea for an Emoji costume. We figured most people would...

Emoji - Halloween Costume Contest at

Halloween cat!

** POLITCAL KITT: " In a democracy; we haz to puts up wif things we mights notz likes or agree wif. Does we even haz a democracy anymores?

Simple Disney DIY Halloween Costumes for Teens |

Halloween Costumes for Teens