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Teenager Posts

Recognizing so many of those that I want to pin and repin them all.. So I made a special board for those great Teenager Posts! :-)

Teenager Posts

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Teenager post # 5792

  • Actor Tom Truong
    Actor Tom Truong


  • Rebecca Seidenspinner
    Rebecca Seidenspinner


  • Tracy Hilker
    Tracy Hilker

    It isn't easy being a human giraffe either....

Yes. # Teenager Post # 5355

  • siddharth kumar
    siddharth kumar


Teenager Post # 3344

  • Maddy Whitney
    Maddy Whitney


  • Onica Hines
    Onica Hines

    so true

  • Morgan Brown
    Morgan Brown

    I actually thought it was pretty funny.

  • siddharth kumar
    siddharth kumar


  • Jenna Alicea
    Jenna Alicea

    Teenage post?! This happens to me all the time, and I'm a grown adult. Lol

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Teenager Post # 3347

  • Faviola Powers
    Faviola Powers

    this is gorgeous

  • Betty Brown
    Betty Brown

    So cute!

  • Madeline Higgins
    Madeline Higgins

    So true I do that all the time.

  • Rasha Hamid
    Rasha Hamid

    so true

  • Gracie DeZeeuw
    Gracie DeZeeuw

    always! haha

Teenager Post # 5310

  • Carrie Leonas
    Carrie Leonas

    This is the most true statement of my life...

Teenager Post # 5315

  • Sam Lynn
    Sam Lynn

    My life story in only 9 words.

Teenager Post # 5316

Teenager Post # 5317

This happens to everybody! #Teenager Post # 5319

  • Katelyn Zimmerman
    Katelyn Zimmerman

    And repeat.

  • Ray_ 155451893152
    Ray_ 155451893152

    this happens to me all the time!!

  • Hannah Phillips
    Hannah Phillips

    this is true!!it happens to me all the time! LOL :)

  • Shailey Kelly
    Shailey Kelly

    More like walks out thinking now I will remember what it is and doesn't remember for like half an hour and repeat

absolutely impossible. #Teenager Post # 5321

Teenager Post # 5326

Teenager Post # 5325

  • Maxine Brewer
    Maxine Brewer

    I lost 40 pounds with this diet

  • Jennifer C.
    Jennifer C.

    so true!

  • Michele Gilcrease
    Michele Gilcrease

    My mom tell's me tht all the time lol

  • Enrique Tavares
    Enrique Tavares

    damn gossip loving sister

=) #Teenager Post # 5328

  • Nyia Young
    Nyia Young


Totally right. #Teenager Post # 5329

Teenager Post # 5330

Teenager Post # 5332

Teenager Post # 5333

  • Lori Sloan
    Lori Sloan

    I am 40 and I feel that way!

  • Frances Heijman
    Frances Heijman

    Right on Lori Sloan! Almost 42 myself, this indeed doesn't only relate to teenagers.

  • Kayli Martin
    Kayli Martin


  • Hannah Phillips
    Hannah Phillips

    oh yes!!

  • Viola

    My favorite teenage post by far

Teenager Post # 5343

  • C Smith
    C Smith

    If the bumper sticker was awesome then ya

Teenager Post # 4841

Teenager Post # 4846

  • Kayli Martin
    Kayli Martin

    haha! but i dont' remember that ever happening tho!

  • Sundos Aqi
    Sundos Aqi


  • Gabriel Avila
    Gabriel Avila

    hahaahahahhaa, that is funny

  • Hannah Phillips
    Hannah Phillips

    I have friends that are twins that do makes me laugh...

Teenager Post # 4847

  • QR Living Living
    QR Living Living


  • Laura Bell
    Laura Bell

    That's why arguing online is the best - then you can post your comeback an hour later like "oh, you're still here? how 'bout this ..." LOL

  • Gigi Ramos
    Gigi Ramos

    i KNOW!

  • Madeline Higgins
    Madeline Higgins

    I agree!! So stupid!

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Teenager Post # 4848

Teenager Post # 4863

  • Emily Bertelsman
    Emily Bertelsman

    Oh to be a teenager again.

  • Rachel

    Wow this is so true...

  • Enrique Tavares
    Enrique Tavares

    hey not all boys

  • Nomo Jenkins
    Nomo Jenkins

    When im sad i look these up and the ones i can relate to make me feel better or make me cry

Best Friends ♥

  • Ashlie Discenza
    Ashlie Discenza

    Kathy Sivo this is sooo us

  • Kristi Luckenbaugh
    Kristi Luckenbaugh

    You gotta love em!