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Make a DIY Recirculating Fountain


Add the peaceful sound of trickling water to your garden.

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build your own garden fountain video

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bubbling urn water feature

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Pondless waterfall

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*DIY Flower Pot Fountain*

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The Family Handymanfrom The Family Handyman

How to Build a Low-Maintenance Water Feature

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Feature Construct

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How to build a pondless "disappearing" garden fountain.

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I see this as a fountain.

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Little Garden Fountain....

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nice spot for birds and butterflies

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Another possible fountain re-do for the back

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water feature

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Do this with copper pipe!

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such a pretty little water feature.

Keeping cool in a Charleston courtyard

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water feature

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Float tea candles in a water-filled birdbath to create a mini firepit. On windy days, set tea lights in clear glass votive holders in a dry birdbath so they won’t wobble.

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I love simple ideas to improve the yard.

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The Family Handymanfrom The Family Handyman

How to Build a Pond & Fountain in One Day

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Miagi Backyard

Garden Yo

Faerie Garden

Spring gardening is on its way.. How to Build a Pond & Fountain in One Day: Add life to your backyard with this affordable fountain

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Fish Swim

Pond Fish

Fish Water

Slowly Bottom

Water Completely

Stand Making

Jar Mouth

Fish Tower

Gal Jar

The instructions said, "use a gal jar and a type of stand place the jar in the water on it's side, let it fill with water(completely sbmerged) then tip it up slowly bottom up, and place the jar mouth into the stand, making sure to keep the mouth under water

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Fountain Container

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Build a Fountain / Container Combination

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rock foutain

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How To Make A Garden Fountain

Pot Water Fountain. Video instructions.

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Dan330from Dan330

DIY - Watering Can Garden Art & Fountains


Wash Tubs



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I need to be outside making this...

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Low cost water feature. Like!

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water feature

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Nice Planter

Water Feature

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